Lil Myko

Location: , Gibraltar

Formed: 22nd Jul 2009

Young Hard Working, Inspiring, Talented Musician, Looking For a MAJOR Record Deal. Contact : Tel : 00350+ 54012062 Youtube : Myspace :

Lil Myko - Incredible.

Lil Myko

Michael Bossino Aka Lil Myko was born in British colony near Spain called Gibraltar. At the age of 8 he started to really get into the music industry and Music was his main priority in life apart from Education. After Visiting USA a couple times and Learning the culture of Hip Hop, he really got inspired and encouraged by major artists to make great music. His first single "Mykos Planet" when he was 14 became a hit in his town being played by citizens and by local radio stations, around a month later, he got signed by a local label known as Young Flow Records, no one expected it to be this big, especially at 12 years old. Now at 15 years old, he is performing everywhere in his town and collaborating with other artists and producers. Most his success comes from the internet, he has amazing buisness skills and the ability to sell his music to a large variety of fans. Being a part of Youtube, Myspace, Twitter and all the most famous websites has helped alot and his thousands of loyal fans, keep him from quitting or giving up. Lil Myko is inspired by modern day music and when he gets in the studio you can clearly see and almost feel his passion and love for music, he doesnt get out of the studio until everything is perfected. He has never been a lazy artist and has always been in the studio on time and ready for work I honestly have never seen such a young artist work as hard as Myko does. Any major label that is willing to sign him, is lucky and should be expecting alot of money and fans from this great young artist as independently he has managed to sell a great amount of records in a short amount of time. Myko can sing, rap, dance, act and inspire everyone around him no matter how old or how young. He is willing to do anything it takes to get signed to a major label. One day or another there is no doubt he will get signed, such a young, unique, and incredibly talented individual is bound to have even the most successful labels fighting eachother just to sign him and wait for the large amount of inspiration and money to come in, i can gurantee that any company/Major Label will deffinetly not regret taking him on board, changing his life, and getting ready to expect alot of great things to come their way. Written By Brian Torres CEO of Young Flow Records Experienced Musician.

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