Out From Darkness

Location: Fort Wayne, United States

Formed: 06th Oct 1998

Band Members: Greg Andrews, Darrell Lummer, Bob Caspar, Dan Anthony, Tad Degunya

MISSION - To reach the Lost and the Hurting of this World... GOAL - Changing lives one concert at a time by helping those who struggle with Addictions and Abuse of all types.

Samson's Battle

Out From Darkness

A Rock Band for such a time as this... Out From Darkness is a modern rock band based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. From their ballads to their driving rhythm and hard rocking leads, Out From Darkness touches listeners of all ages with enormous depth and passion. Their music draws from personal journeys and reflections on life as well as the redemptive experience of faith. Out From Darkness successfully blends flavors of modern rock, blues, and southern rock with explosive vocals, tender tones, and heartfelt lyrics. This combination of musical talents, styles and abilities help to create a sound experience with amazing depth and breadth. The wide range of styling and individual musical roots is on display in three prior disk recordings. They demonstrate an unwavering commitment to their families, their belief and their music. Out From Darkness has something to offer everyone, from any walk of life. The band has opened for national artists; Switchfoot, Jonah33, Decyfer Down, Cool Hand Luke, Grits and many more. The band has played in venues throughout the Midwest, ranging in variety from casual coffee shops and music festivals to community events, live music clubs and concert series mini tours.

01st Jan 2012

Info: Due to the number of Websites to update with GIG Info, OFD has decided to Direct ALL traffic to our Myspace for Upcoming Concert Info. Thank you for your understanding, Out From Darkness

Place: http://Myspace.com/OutFromDarkness

Hour: 12:00


There are no band photos available at this time.

Mikaela Torres

Mikaela Torres

27th Dec 2012

Great job! Best luck with this album. @ tutoring services online

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