Location: , Gibraltar

Formed: 02nd Jan 2004

Band Members: Ash H, Ruben P, Manolo P, Louis C, Juan V

Quid Pro Cuo is a band originating from the surrounding area of Gibraltar and was born in 2004. An aggressive style fusing thrash and death metal but still influenced by modern metal trends, it is hard to label Quid Pro Cuo. With six years of live performances and growing experience the band has reformed once again to create new music with more serious ideas and a more professional attitude.

The Plague EP


Quid Pro Quo, is made up of 5 members, Ruben and Manolo on guitars, Ash on drums, Louis on bass and Juan on vocals. We are influenced my many different styles as we are all kind of into different stuff, it's heavy stuff that's like marmite...you love it or you hate it, there's no in between, check us out on the myspace and see if you enjoy our stuff, keep upto date with everything through our facebook group which you can join. Hope to be playing to you soon!

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