Claire on a Dare

Location: San Jose, United States

Formed: 02nd Jan 2012

Band Members: Raya Ghajar, Stephen Dix, Michael Uharriet, Nick Santana

Claire on a Dare, bring their backlit, blacklight, shoe gazer sound on their debut release, The Wild, The Beautiful and the Damned. Self-described as a shoe gazer act with Goth influences, the band haunts, turning out thick, effects-laden lines that are as gentle as they are surreal, punk as they are polished.

the Wild the Beautiful & the Damned

Claire on a Dare

Claire On A Dare formed in 2012 when Stephen Dix and Raya Ghajar joined forces to create an edgy band incorporating elements of goth, glam, shoe gaze, and psychedelia. Raya’s passionate vocals are set against Stephen’s unique guitar style, which he likens to the shoe gazers, using analog pedals to create distinctive guitar soundscapes. The band is as melodic as they are heavy, Thanks to hard hitting drummer Mike Uharriet,who has brought that energy & solid groove to the band and recent edition of bassist Nick Santana was the final piece of the puzzle.

There are no gigs available at this time.

Lisa J. Ropp Ropp

Lisa J. Ropp Ropp

13th Mar 2013

Whenever I feel tired on the busting life in the city, listening to a good kind of music and writing

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09th Mar 2015

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