John Ryan

Location: , United States

Formed: 03rd Apr 2011

"John Ryan is both a songwriter and a guitarist, packed with talent. He has a passion for music, friends, girls and last but definitely not least, God. He loves writing and performing songs using his guitar, his voice, and his experiences in life. With 15 self-written songs and many other songs under his belt, he is a talented musician."- Mack Hicks, Fan

Less Than Three

John Ryan

My name is John Ryan, and at the moment, that's what everybody calls me. When I was younger, my name was John Ryan still, but most people just called me John. But then when I got into high school, I guess I introduced myself by my first and last name. I don't actually remember doing that but... I did apparently. And it stuck. Now, its normal for a person to call me "John Ryan", and if a person who's not in my family calls me "John", it generally takes me a few seconds to realize they're talking to me. My music has so many inspirations, but I have to credit the fact that I can sing and play guitar to my parents over anybody else. I know a lot of guys who went into music because their parents made them, but I also know a lot of them don't really like it, even though they're very talented. My parents weren't like that. Instead, they raised me in a very musical home, and let me start actually playing music whenever I wanted to. My dad is a professional guitarist, so I always loved the sound of the guitar because I heard it so much. Both he and my mom have amazing voices, so I learned to sing from them. I first started playing guitar when I was about three. That didn't work out too well... so I quit. Then I tried at six, with the same result. Then again at eight, ten, and twelve. Not until I was thirteen did I actually succeed in taking more than three regular lessons at a time. But when I did, I absolutely fell in love with the instrument. My writing, on the other hand, is credited to my ninth grade English teacher. She did a poetry section, and I loved it. She encouraged me to write more, even after we ended the section, and let me preform the first song I ever wrote in class, and even gave me extra credit. Much thanks goes to her, and to the people whom the songs were written for. I'm not "religious", but I am in a active relationship with my Lord and savior, Christ Jesus. I LOVE to talk about him, and would love to hear that you are also in love with him, and hear your story. I want to get to KNOW you! If you like this page, leave something written on the wall, and I'll try to reply to it personally. Thank you SO much for all your support, without which, I wouldn't even be where I am. Philippians 1:3 ALL the glory and honor be unto HIM! Galations 1:10

14th Oct 2011

Info: Brought to you by; Pissed-Off Promotions! $10 Admission. 6:30- John Ryan 7:15- Live Animals 8:00- Dream Trees 8:45- The Unending Thread 9:30- De La Tribu 10:15- Curious Trip 11:00- Dead Aesthetics

Place: The Cobalt Cafe 22047 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA.

Hour: 06:30

Entrace: $10

There are no band videos available at this time.

Anastasia Leigh

Anastasia Leigh

09th Mar 2015

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